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It’s not necessary for you to be home as long as your grill is accessible, the spigot water is on and there is a working power receptacle available. We’ll come, perform the service, and e-mail you the invoice. Follow up, if necessary, will be by e-mail.

Please fill in all fields, then hit submit and we’ll contact you within two business days regarding quoting and scheduling your request. Thank you.

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If we arrive for the appointment and the following utilities are not readily available, then a $75.00 rescheduling fee will apply. The utilities are required for cleanings only, not repairs.

Working electrical outlet near the grill?
Working outdoor water supply near the grill?
Is the grill inaccessible (do we need house access)?

Important info we need to know regarding the grill, location, and logistics. Describe the problems for us to repair.